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Consultancy Service

Through ours years working within the security market we have amassed a solid base of contacts and an understanding of certain markets. We thought then, that it would be wise to share this experience and know how with others

With vastly experienced staff, well versed in business abroad and qualified to deal in exports, we are able to offer two key consultancy services. Our services tackle both ends of the security market and can be of assistance to both suppliers and purchasers in the sector.

Due to our experience in the region we are currently concentrating on the Middle East.

For Suppliers

To suppliers, the main benefit we offer is a route into a market that normally most UK companies would not be able to access. With our contacts, we determine at no cost to you whether or not a product or service has the legs in a region to succeed. From there, further discussions can be held to decide how you would like to proceed. Contact us for further details…


For Purchasers

To purchasers, we offer the benefit of being able to find the perfect equipment, whether it be ours or another UK manufacturer. We are proud members of ADS, one of the most comprehensive Aerospace, Defence and Security trade groups in the World. It has allowed us to get to know a whole host of companies in the industry, supplying anything you could think of. We would be happy to demonstrate to anyone in the Middle East the benefits of searching for products and equipment in the UK, as it boasts some of the most well known and respected manfacturers.
Contact us for further details…