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The CTi

The CTi is a lightweight monocular type IR camera. This unit is designed mainly for mid-range observation with a 384 x 288 uncooled FPA detector. Due to its size and weight it has many uses and is very versatile, with a range of lens options available to suit many different needs.

Camera Name CTI
Detector Type UFPA
Resolution 384×288
Spectral Range 8~14 um
NETD ≤80mk
FOV  28°x21°,8°x6°(optional)
Focus Range  5m~∞
Digital Zoom  2x
Camera Features
Control Mode  Control Key
Brightness/Contrast Control  Manual/Auto
Image Output Mode  View Finder/Video output
Storage  ~20,000 images~1 hour video (with 2G storage space)
Viewfinder  High-resolution Gray Scale OLED, monocular
Video Output PAL(or NTSC)
Power Supply Li-ion Rechargeable battery
Rated Voltage 7.2V
Power Consumption <4W
Battery Operation Time >3 hr
Start-up Time <20s
Dimensions 188x94x80mm
Weight 650 g
Detection Range
Human/meter 300m
Vehicle/meter 1000m
Identify Range
Human/meter 75m
Vehicle/meter 250m
Mil-spec MIL-STD-810