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Specialist Vehicle Outfitting

We have a secure and discrete premises in the North West of England where we carry out specialist vehicle outfitting. We have carried out work for Police, Fire, DEA and Security Services from around the world.


Covert Vehicles

We have fitted out covert vehicles with a wide range of equipment including mobile CCTV, transmission equipment (including hele-links), recording equipment, area microphones, custom made furniture, specialist seating, heating, air conditioning and pretty much anything customers specify.

Due to the nature of much of this work and the fact that all customers require something unique, we do not have any preset designs or plans and we endeavour to work with customers to provide a personal and custom solution.

If you have any need for specialist vehicle outfitting please contact us and we would be happy to go through any ideas you have.


Overt Vehicles

Overt vehicles are usually very similar to covert vehicles except for official marking or clearly obvious camera mountings. We have produced them for the same clients as covert vehicles but they are also very popular with Councils or other Authorities where being conspicuous is not the issue.

We have found a popular use is mobile placement of cameras for traffic offences; including speeding, illegal parking and other general traffic offences.

If you have any need for specialist vehicle requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.