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The NVD is a ruggedised thermal camera for vehicle mounting. It can be used as a driving aid in darkness or adverse weather and can also offer increased situational awareness around the vehicle. Possible obstruction or potential danger in the road ahead can be spotted up to three times further away than with eye-sight alone.

The NVD can also be used with detection software which will highlight and alarm when an object of interest has been spotted. This is perfect for making sure people or animals do not slip by undetected.

Observation distance 800m (for vehicle)
FOV/ min. focus distance: 28° x 21° / 3m
Spatial resolution: 1.27 mrad
Detector type: UFPA
Resolution: 384×288
Spectral range: 8-14
Video output: PAL (50Hz) / NTSC (60Hz)
Encapsulation: IP65/69
Shock: 25G
Vibration: 2G
Weight: 400g
Size (camera body) (L*W*H): 80mm x 57.5mm x 57.5mm